Upholstery Estimates

Giving Estimates

There are several types of estimates

Phone quotes

Always give as accurate of a quote as you can quickly do it. NEVER give a low price just to get them in the shop (bait & switch).  However, it is better that you make up a phone quote sheet that has approximate prices for most of the major types of furniture on it.

Email Estimate


Sample Email Estimate:

This is not a normal email estimate. Because they were from across the country, I went into more detail. I suppose I could just as well have told her that I don't do mail order, because I doubt that I'll get the job anyway.

Pricing Jobs

   The question was asked, by a workroom who really needed to get some experience and some work, if she could lower her prices more than she already had. Here was my response to her:

Estimating Methods

We can learn a lot about estimating from the construction business


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