upholsterer types

Craftsman Craig

Craftsman Craig is a rare find, but those who do find him remain immensely loyal. He truly loves people and sees each of his clients as unique human beings, each having their own individual set of needs, desires, and wishes. He treats each customer as he would like to be treated, with great dignity and respect, dealing honestly and truthfully with them.

Average Avery

Average-Avery is a fairly likeable fellow. Having successfully been in the upholstery business for a number of years, he does a pretty good job, and most of his repeat clients are reasonably happy with his work. He has learned from experience that it doesn’t pay to do sloppy work, but he is not interested in doing, or even learning about, high quality work. There’s not much unique about him; he’s just about average. Average-Avery does an OK job for an OK price.

Smooth-Talking Sam

Smooth-Talking Sam is proud of his sales ability; using the “bait and switch” method, he can easily get his foot in the door “to give a free estimate.” He can make a sale most of the time. If he gives the client anything in writing, it may only be a “receipt” scribbled on a scrap of paper or, if he wishes to further impress a client, the indecipherable receipt will be on “his letterhead.” His wide smile and flattering words help to mask his pushy and manipulative ways.

Cheap Charlie

Cheap Charlie, “the cheapest upholsterer in town,” gives no thought about quality because he believes that most people are looking for the lowest price. He takes pride in giving people “real bargains.” As an example, unconcerned about how long something will last, he continuously searches for the lowest priced materials that he can find, and he uses the quickest and simplest methods of doing the work.

Upholsterer Types

 The Ways That Upholsterers Do Their Jobs

by Stephen Winters for WR115


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