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Staple Removers

Although there many types of staple removers that have been or are still being made, this article is about the Berry Staple Remover, and its look-alikes.

Heat Gun

My Old Heat Gun

We all may have different opinions and thought as to what a "real" heat gun is. Just to let you know where I'm coming from, many years ago I had a metal heat gun that I really loved. But through many moves and challenging life situations, that heat gun is not longer with me.

Basic Upholstery Tools

Combined with the technical experience, having the Right Tool for the job can make all the difference of the world between a mediocre job and a very precise professional job. It can also make the difference in a professional making money on his work, or just barely surviving. This section is set aside for giving information and instructions about the tools used in the upholstery trade. See below for the table of contents. More items will be added in the future.

Upholstery Staple guns

(This article needs to be completely rewritten.)


Upholstery Steamer



  A Steamer is great for


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