Learning to Use Quickbooks

When you are first learning how to use Quickbooks the process can be quite intimidating. You don't want to mess up the Company file for your business, so how can you learn without making any mistakes? The truth is that you will make lots of mistakes. It's all a part of the normal learning process. So,

Make An Experimenting Quickbooks File.

When you are first starting out I recommend that you create a separate Experimental Quickbooks File to practice and experiment in. This gives you the freedom to learn Quickbooks without messing up your real company file. You can create this file from scratch just as you did (or will do) you Business file, OR, as I do, you can first set up your company file and then  make a copy of that company file. 

When you have an Experimental file, you want to make sure that you don't get mixed up which is which. So, first change the color scheme to be a LOT different than your regular file. To change the color scheme go here: Edit/Preferences/Desktop View/Color Scheme. Next, change the name of your company under Company/Company Information/Company name. I general add "EXPERIMENTAL" to the end of my company name (i.e. "Winters Sewing - EXPERIMENTAL"). Using these two changes gives a better chance of not getting mixed which file you are in.

Learning Quickbooks

There are many places that teach Quickbooks, here are a couple.

Intuit has a number of Quickbooks tutorial videos here: Learn how to use QuickBooks with short video tutorials and step-by-step guides

Youtube Quickbooks Tutorials