Setting Up Items in QuickBooks


In working with Quickbooks you can use either Accounts or Items. Items can be used for all phases of both Income and Expenses. This article is directed only at creating and using items on Invoices (Which I use for Work Orders).

on the Invoices. ( All Items will flow into the Accounts, so in some ways it doesn't matter which you use. I prefer to use items because then I'm not creating lots of accounts. Instead, you can have many items connected to each account, which is what i prefer to do.

One of the places that Items are created is under Lists>Item List "Ctrl+N". Here is a example of setting of a "Fabric" Item as a subitem of "Orders" 


Below is a list of Sales Items, as displayed on the Item List. These items are used for selling of items or supplies that don't need to be ordered.

Below is a list of Orders Items. These items are used for any items that I don't stock and have to order, such as fabrics, vinyls, or special supplies for each job.