Upholstery Steamer



  A Steamer is great for

  • shrinking fabric a little to get rid of wrinkles, or
  • for steaming foam back up to size. When foam has been mashed down with years of use, sometimes you can steam it back to shape. this won't work on all foams, and it will only keep it's shape for a short time.
  • for steaming glue joints to separate the foam, such as if foam is glued to a wood base. Using a steam is a great way loosen the grip of the foam glue to get the old foam off the wood.

Click here to see 3 Types of Jiffy Steamers. I use a steamer similar to the "Jiffy Apparel Steamer",  shown at the top. Only mine is called the "Jiffy Junior Steamer", I think.
When I didn't have the Handy Junior steamer, I've used on similar to this hand-held steamer, which costs less than $40.