How will it be entered?

  1. Client types out text and gives it to me with the pictures.
  2. I work with the client in writing the text and taking the pictures
  3. Client enters everything themselves.
  • I walk them through the first times.
  • I give them written instructions


How will the content be organized?


Who is the audience or clients that you are trying to reach? This will direct what you say, how you say it. It will guide you in designing the appearance of the website.


Do you see your website more as static where clients just come and read information, or would you like your clients be able to interact with you or others on the website?


For your personal consideration: What is your budget? How much are you prepared to spend to get the website up and running? This will help you decide how much you will do yourself and how much help you want in planning, writing,


How quickly do you want your website up and running?

How much do you have to prepare content?

Is much of the content ready for use, or does it yet have to be written or prepared?

Your Business or Organization

Is your business just starting or how long has it been in operation



Initial Setup

It would get up and running a lot quicker if they just gave me the text and the pictures and I put it all together.

Would need a discussion as to what they wanted, and what the long term goals were.

Domain Name



What will my function be?

Set up and Maintain

Set up and train

Set up and hands off, give them links to instructional material



Make up a page of pictures of website themes

make a list of standard and optional modules



Do you like to write? What type of writing do you do in your business?

Do you need help writing the content for your website?

Who currently designs the other advertizing for your business?

Do you like to take pictures? Do you have many pictures that you could use on a website? Do you need any help taking pictures?

Are you a hands-on type of person?

How involved do you want to be involved in the setup, design... and maintenance of your website?

Do you want someone else to create and maintain your website, or do you want to take a hands-on approach and some or most of it yourself?

How knowledgeable and comfortable are you with computers?

Do you enjoy working on computers?