Bazooka Filler and Baffled Ticking


On one of our upholstery jobs the client had a sofa with down feather cushion. He liked the down, but cushion didn't have enough body. When he sat on the cushion, it didn't support him enough. After discussing the problem, we decided to put a foam core in the middle of the cushion. This provided some challenges. Besides figuring out the design of the cushions, we also had to figure out how to transfer the down feathers from the old ticking cover to the to yet to be made new ticking covers. I had seen pictures of a bazooka that transfers the feathers. Not wanting to purchase one, I decided to try to make an air bazooka.

 Here is a picture of the homemade Bazooka Filler and a couple pictures of the Down ticking cover. This ticking cover is based upon  the drawings that are at Pillow Ticking Covers.


When the client who wanted this cushion on his sofa first talked to me about making a down cushion with more body, we initially talked about adding more down/feathers. While he was here I gave him a test of what that would feel like by squishing the cushion to one side of the sofa. As a comparison test, I got a piece of 2" foam and put in under his old down cushion. He liked that feel. So we talked about making a down cushion with a foam insert. Although I've made a down ticking cover with baffles before, I had never made a down ticking cover with baffles AND a foam insert. The drawings at the top of this thread were a result of my trying to figure out how to do it. Even with the drawings, I still thought that I would have to finish sewing the edge seams from the outside. Tacky!!!, especially since I don't have a working serger. I kept thinking about it, and just as I was ready to start on the ticking cover, an idea came to me (which I'll describe later). The  result is that I was able to sewit all up from the inside, and have a nice finished exterior (which is nice, because I called the client to come out and do a pillow test. She really liked it  

The Home Made Bazooka Works
To figure out how to make the Bazooka, I followed the message threads that lead to a instructions at another forum. (I forget the name right off had, but it's not the I took pictures of how I made it, and, if there's any interest, I may write something about how to make it. Anyway, the focus of this message to acknowledge that it works.
Here is a movie showing the Bazooka in action. This movie (3 minutes and 24 seconds) also shows this finished pillow ticking cover.


P.S. I didn't have time to write a script for the whole movie, but I did add a script at the beginning to kind of let you know what is going on. The rest of the movie just has the normal shop noise.

In making this ticking cover, I also discovered a new way to close the hole affter using the Bazooka to fill each pocket: Velcro closures, which are shown in the movie. With these velcro closures and the Bazooka, there was hardly any feathers that escaped.  That was nice.