How to Use The Menus


How to use the menus on this website.

This website is divided into separate sections. Each section is constructed as a book, with a connected set of pages. Each book has its own menus, which appear in a side menu. (Note, in the future we may change the theme colors or the theme. This, of course, make the text and background colors different than the below pictures, but it would still work the same.)

To use the menus:

1. Click on your selection on the top menu.

top menu

2. This will open a the "book menu" for your chosen topic. Click on a menu item in that list (In this case we chose "Customer Relations")

(Notice that our chosen menu item, Customer Relations, has an ">" arrow point at the left of it. The arrow point indicates that there are more menu choices linked to that menu item.)

3. Another menu choice has opened up under our chosen one.

Choose Second menu item

4. Choose and click on your chosen menu item. As shown below, the desired article apears in the middle of the page.

This article has several keywords under the main title. You can also find other similar articles by clicking one one of the keywords. Notice how the mouse pointer is under the keyword "Polyfoam".

 5. If you want to see more articles containing any of the keywords, click on the keyword.

For example, we clicked on the keyword "Polyfoam", and a list of other articles with that keyword are listed (See below).

(Note, not all the articles have keywords yet, but we are working on adding more.)