Have a Ready Answer

Sometimes having a ready answer can save you from troublesome situations. For example, what do you say when a client calls up and wants to know when their job will be finished, or some other situation. It's easy to quickly answer by promising something that you can't deliver. One especially useful phrase that I use a lot is, "I'll check on that for you. Please give my your name and phone number" Usually the client wants a prompt answer, so I'll tell them I'll call them later today, or I'll call you tomorrow.

Sometimes someone will call us and ask about their job. Sometimes they may want to know when it will be finished. I never give them a reply until I check on all the details.

Take time that you understand their question. If needed, ask some questions. It is really useful to have a ready answer of how you want to reply to a client who calls up and puts you on the spot.

After the client asks me the question, I usually say something like, "give me your name and phone number and I'll check on it." After writing down their info, I say, "I'll call you back later today." Much of the time, when the client is on the phone, I may not remember who they are and what job they had. So, after hanging up, I check on all the components of the job. I find their Work Order in QuickBooks. I also look in my Business Journal to find any notes that I may have previously written. Then I check to see if the fabric has arrived, and also if we have the foam or other supplies that go with the job. If we don't have all the pieces of the job in the shop, then I go through the records, notes, etc to find out what the situation is. If needed, I also call the suppliers to find out whether or not we placed the order and/or if the fabric  has been shipped or back ordered.

Always tell the client the truth if at all possible. If for some reason you can't tell the truth, at least DON'T LIE TO THEM.