Create A Furniture Labor Price List

It can be intimidating to try to create a price list for your upholstery business. There are so many items to figure out. Where do you begin?
Let me give you a..... It is better to have a poorly thought out price list than no price list at all. Perfectionist will stop you every time. Allow yourself to make a sloppy, poorly designed, incomplete price list. Just write some descriptions and prices down. It doesn't have to be correct or perfect. Just make your best guess, but write them down. Once you have some things written on your list, then you can correct or add to them as you improve it.

Don't just copy the price list of some other upholstery shop. You need to choose what you yourself are going to charge for  each type of furniture. However, it is certainly OK to look at what other upholstery shops have done and to decide if their prices are too high, too low, or similar to yours.