Work Orders

I realize that each upholsterer has his or her own way of giving estimates or writing up a work order. Some give a simple short work order with just a total price. I've heard some upholsterers say that they don't put the details on the Work Order because they are afraid that the clients will nit pick various charges to lower the price. In contrast I ALWAYS give a detailed estimate and a detailed work order with all the details and specifics spelled out.

For one thing, writing out all the specifics helps me (or rather forces me) to think through that job in advance so that I have a better idea of what all I'm going to need to do and to order. The detailed work order becomes my job plan, when I get ready to do the job it tells me what I need to do.

I have designed my work orders (and my estimates) to have all the basic disclaimers on them so that I won't forget to add them later.

Another reason I give the client full details is my policy of being authentic and fully open with the client. (That is said with the understanding that there is "trade talk" and "client talk". With clients I am more careful in what I say and how I say it, being careful to be respectful in tone, manner, and content)