Filling Out The Comparative Estimate Sheet

Making Out An Estimate

To see how I give estimates, please read the page on Giving Estimates first.

(You would best understand this section if you are looking at my estimate form as you read it. (click here to see a larger version of the Estimate Form)

I give the client options so that they can have some control on the final price.

Whenever I give an estimate I mainly look at a picture of the furniture (which the client has emailed to me) and figure out what is the simplest least-cost way I can do the job. The price for that option goes at the top of the white area at the left of the estimate.

Then I examine the furniture for details (i.e. skirts, wornout foam, attached pillows, channels, spring tying, etc.) and list all those detail items (with prices) individually on the left side in the white area. There are different sections depending on what the various items might be.

Then, as I look at the list of optional items I start activating those that go in the lowest "BASE COST" column (yellow)

 I activate (by putting a "1" or other number in the yellow column) the items included in the base price on what's the simplest way I can do the job and still do a quality job. For instance, the base cost would not include any banding, cording, skirts, attached pillows, etc.) Even it the spring are shot, or the frame definitely needs repair, I don't put those things in the yellow column. The yellow column is for show the lowest cost way to recover the furniture IF everything (springs, frame, padding) was in good shape.

For the blue column I add the activating number for whichever options seem most appropriate for the next cost level up. Sometimes this might be adding on the skirt, or new seat cushions, etc.

For the Green column I add whatever seems the most approriate for the next level of service. This might be new back cushions or any special detailing that the original cover has.

For the violet column I put everything else that it might include. Sometimes that might be regluing or repairing the springs, retieing springs (although Spring retying might be put in the blue column if it is apparent that the spring are in bad shape.


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