Guiding Principles for Client Interactions

Your clients are your Livelihood

Never forget that it is the client who is your boss, your benefactor.  The client pays your wages, you bills,  your rent,  and puts food on your table.
When dealing with clients, whether they are nice or difficult, you need to gain some perspective. How you treat your clients will greatly affect whether you succeed or fail in business. How you think about and talk about your clients will affect how you treat your clients.

Watch Your Own Attitude

One of the most important aspects of working with clients Is to keep your own thoughts and attitudes under control. If you let yourself get snippy or have a bad attitude, then you can quickly change the whole interaction with the client to become very negative. By contrast, if you always treat them with respect and courtesy and speak pleasantly to them, you may find yourself able to deal with the most difficult clients

Keep The Clients Happy

It is much easier to keep a client happy than it is to try to appease a client once she/she gets upset.

Much of our bad rapport with clients comes from our own for poor relational or business habits, our poor thinking patterns and inappropriate behavior. Just remember, our thoughts lead to our behaviors. How we think about our clients leads to how we treat them. Never say anything bad about a client, in fact do not think bad thoughts about any client. Never ever badmouth any clients,  not even the difficult ones. When you talk badly about a client you are justifying bad behavior on your part.  That will not help you succeed in business.

Keep A Thankful Attitude

Always be thankful for the people who supply our livelihood. Treat all clients and potential clients with respect and honor, even those you don't like. But remember this, you don't have to do work for everyone who comes into your shop. If you sense that a client may be difficult to work with, you don't have to take any work from that client. But, with that said, if you keep your thoughts and attitudes in check, and always do your best quality work, you may find that you can to work for almost anyone and please them.