Terminology and Abbreviations

Upholstery Terminology and Abbreviations

Special Terminology

Pull Down (also called a "Stretcher Cloth"): A strip of cloth sewed to the bottom of the inside arms and inside back in areas that don't show.

Deck: the area under the seat cushions

Arc springs: zig zag springs that are in the seats and backs most modern sofas and chairs.

Tack strips: strips of cardboard or metal that have tacks embedded.

Fabric Cutting Direction

  • Railroad the fabric: this means that you are cutting from the side of the fabric. The top of the fabric is across the other side of the fabric.

  • Up the roll: the top of the fabric is up the roll. You cut all the fabric pieces with the top pointed up towards the roll of fabric.


Use these abbreviations to mark the back of the fabric pieces after they are cut.

IA  Inside Arm

OA  Outside Arm

AF  Arm Face

IB   Inside Backrest

OB  Outside Back 

IW   Inside Wing

OW  Outside Wing

FDK  Front Deck

FB    Front Band

TB    Top Band

CUSH  Cushion top and bottom

Box   Cushion Boxing

Zip   Cushion Zipper

Cush W  Cushion Welt