Website Structure

This website currently uses Drupal 7 as the website software. An example of Drupal's capabilities can be found at the main Drupal website. Among the features that we prize most about Drupal is it's ability to create written content into a booklike structure, as can be seen here in the Drupal Documentation Pages. Here is another page that shows some of the available Content Types, each of which is useful for a different type of writing.

This website functionally also contains the ability for each user (who has the correct permissions) to have their own blog.

This website uses keywords to help find and organize content.

Except for the forum, the content of this website is organized in a book structure. Each book has a Base page, with the abilility to have an almost endless ability to have child pages. There can be up to about 9 levels of child pages, so the content can be organized as needed.

Registered Users have a very simple Wysiwyg text editor, similar to this.

Minimal Text Editor

Trusted users, with a higher permission level, can have a richer Wysiwig text editor (depending upon their needs), with some or all of these features:

text editor

This Wysiwyg text editor gives you many of the features of a standard word processor, plus a few more.