How to Make a Nail Button


Sometimes an upholsterer needs to make a nail button. Although there are various other ways to make nail buttons, this method uses a standard button die to make the button.

Tools Needed

  • A button press
  • Button dies
  • Dykes
  • Hammer
  • needlenose or fine tip pliers

Supplies Needed

Upholstery cardboard or cardboard strips

button tops and bottoms roofing nail (1" to 1 1/2")

To make nail buttons, you need the top and bottom button dies, a roofing nail of the correct length (aprox 1") and a cardboard strip (or other upholstery cardboard)


Cut the middle of the loop

cut back

Pull out the loop pieces

Center Roofing name inside button back

Hammer nail through center only part way ....

.... just enough to get nail through

Push nail through the rest of the way

Cut 3 pieces of cardboard to fit inside of back

Put into button press.

Center 3 layers of cardboard into press.

Put button cap and fabric into press.

Use press to make button.

Take out the finished "no dent" nail button.

Now you nail button is ready to nail onto your furniture