Channel Stuffers


I've never had real channel stuffing tins, nor have I used the plastic. But this is what I have done.

  • Using a band saw I've cut the cardboard tubes that the fabric comes rolled on into stuffing channels. Since the cardboard tubes come in various sizes, they can be cut into various sizes of stuffing tubes.
  • I've wrapped the cotton in lining fabric and pulled them through with some button string.
  • I've used several rulers to put on each side of the cotton and then slid them into the channel.
  • I've used Stacey's Method of doing Channel Backs that is shown here on the website with good success. The channels have turned out very nice and the padding is smooth. . I'm surprised that Stacey didn't mention it.

To see a slideshow using Stacey's method shown on this website, click here: Channelback Slideshow

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