Staple Removers

Although there many types of staple removers that have been or are still being made, this article is about the Berry Staple Remover, and its look-alikes.

I have been using Berry staple removers (now copied by Osborne) for as long as I can remember. I've tried other types, but have always come back to the Berry.
However, in recent years I had thought that the Berry's Staple Removers had been bought out by Osborne, and I thought that I couldn't get the genuine Berrys anymore. The points of some of the Berry (look-alike) Staple removers have been changed and they don't work as well for me. As you can see from the pictures (If you look really closely at the pictures) the points are different. (
Not all of the Berry look-alikes have the blunted tip. Another upholstery, who had purchased an Osborne look-alike staple puller, sent me the new one. It had a relatively sharp point, just like the Berry. Whenever you purchase a new Berry or a look-alike, check the tips before you use them. Make sure that it has the thin blade with the sharp point, as shown below.)
Berry Staple Pullers

In the above picture, the top staple puller (which is on the right in the below picture) is the most recent one that I got. The bottom staple puller, with the broken point, is one that I've used for many years. The points on it work great, they are smoother, longer, stronger and come to a finer point (and it obviously has lasted many years). After getting the new staple puller, I went back to my old broken point one. It just works better. I'll be really sad when it finally wears out or breaks



staple remover pointsCloseup Picture
Here is a close up of the tips of those two staple pullers, and a third (in the middle), with yet another shape of tip.
The middle staple puller has a shorter thinner tip. While better than the one on the right, it still doesn't work as well as my broken tip Berry staple puller.

Notice how the newest one, on the right, has the points filed down. It came this way from the supplier manufacturer.


sharp-blunt pointsCloseup of Sideview
This side view shows thinness of blade, with the sharp tip, of my broken  Staple Remover, on the right in the picture. This thinness is part of the reason that this Staple Remover works so much better for me. I've used this very Staple Remover for many years. It has held up through a lot of rough use. I've never filed the points. Except for normal wear and tear, the point is the same as when it was new.

In comparison, as you can see on the tip of the other Staple Remover, it's blades is much thicker and stubbier. In addition, you can see that the tip of that one was ground at an angle to give it a point (It came that way from the supplier). But that point wasn't sharp enough and just didn't seem to help much for me.

I would like to see the wholesalers selling good quality staple removers  instead of the blunt tipped Staple Removers.