Comment Submission Guidelines

All Content is Monitored

Because of the abundance of spam and other inappropriate content that is posted on various websites, all comments posted on this website are monitored. Whenever anyone writes and submits a message on this website, the message is not instantly published, but is put into an "Aproval Queue" to await administrator aproval. At the same time an automatic message is sent to the administrator notifying him that a new message has been submitted. If the message is appropriate and follows these guidelines, the administrator may then approve and publish the message. If you have submitted a message and it hasn't been approved within 24 hours, please use the contact form to notify the administrator that you posted a message. Please copy the URL of the page where you posted your message and include that in your message

No spam or inappropriate messages will be published.

 Be Polite, Courteous, and Respectful

Think about what you want to say before you say it. If you are sharing, in an article or in a comment, realize that there is more than one way to do something. Your way is not the only right way. If fact, there may not be ONE RIGHT WAY, but there may be various ways. We each use the skills and talents that we have picked up over the years.

Focus on explaining and describing your advice, skill, or suggestion to make it as clear as possible. Good writers often rewrite their articles at least several times to make it a precise as possible. If you don't have time to finish your writing, you can save your message as unpublished. (Go to the bottom of the page you are writing, click on "Publishing Options", then uncheck the box that says "published. Then you can save your page and it won't show up on the website until you have finished it. When you are finished with the page, put a check in the box that says "published".)

Don't use emotionally charged words. For example, don't critisize or condemn what another has written. It's NOT OK to say things like, "I am a professional, I would NEVER do it that way. MY way is the ONE right way to do something. Your way is NO GOOD!" These types of comments turn off any readers and make whatever you say undesireable. Instead, take the time and the EFFORT (yes, good writing takes effort) to clearly explain the details of each step of how you do something. If you do something well, clearly explain yourself and what you do.

IF you do something differently, or if you disagree with the way one person has said something, it is perfectly OK to say something politely like this, "IN that situation I have an alternate technicque that works well for me.Then describe in detail how you do it and why it works well for you. Do not compare your work to another in a way that degrades the work of another.

The writings in this website are monitored. The comments go into an approval queue before they are published. The administrator personally inspects every comment before it is approved. Those messages that don't follow these guidelines will either not be published, be deleted, or will be edited before they are published.

It is OK and desirable to mention that you are a professional upholsterer. It will help people value what you have to say. However, it is not OK to use your standing as a weapon to try to put someone else down. Likewise, any prideful writers, who want to just get attention, or who want to prove themselves right, will have their writings deleted, edited, or returned for rewrite.


Anyone who abuses their privileges will be banned from the website.