What's going on here?

First, (after registering) to be able to participate in the ongoing discussions all over this website, you need to know what's going and and where. Below is a list of menus that tell you what messages are being posted and where. You may go to any page and leave messages (or, if you have permission, write articles).

Receiving Your Messages: Another part of the ongoing discussion is your being notified whenever someone replies to your messages. To receive the notification of the responses, you must tell your spam software to receive messages from "*@winterssewing.com" (without the quotes). Some spam software identifies messages from this website as spam. Unless you enter the URL of this website in your spam filter, you would have to look in your spam folder for the messages.

What's Going On, and Where?

As explained in the "Start Here" page, this has many types of interactive web pages. One of the most important points to understand is that this website is set up as one large community interactive website. That means that if anyone posts a message or an article anywhere in this website (in the forums, adds a comment to any web page article, writes an entry in his/her blog (yes, registered users can have their own blog here), writes an article, etc), everyone can immediately know about it. Here's how people are notified:

  1. There are several links and menus that notify users of:

    1. Live Discussions: The Live discussion menu, on the left side, lists the mosts recent messages that have been posted anywhere on the website.
    2. Active Forum Topics: The "Active forum topics" menu, on the left side, shows the most recent active topics.
    3. Recent Posts : Located in the large main menu (on the left), the Recent Posts link takes you to a page that lists both,
      1. My Recent Posts: all the all the articles and posts that you have written and
      2. All Recent Posts: all the articles and posts that everyone has written on this website.
    4. My Account : Besides your account info, various tabs let you track which pages you have visited, what you have written, and where, etc.
      1. Subscriptions, a submenu of My Account. From the subscriptions window, you can choose to receive notifications about any new content added almost anywhere on te website.