Adding Pictures to Your Posts

As a registered user on this website you can add images and pictures to your messages, articles, and blogs. On the left is an example of a picture that can be added to your writings. Click on the picture and you will see it takes you to a large copy of the picture in another page. Linking to a large copy of the picture is one of the things we will teach you in this tutorial (once it is finished).

There are two ways to use pictures in your messages. You can upload the pictures to this website (which is described below) or you can use the pictures that you have elsewhere on the Internet, which is describe on another page here

Read the whole set of instructions before beginning.



To Upload a picture to this website and use it in a message:

As a privileged use of this website, you can use your own pictures in your messages, and on other pages. This is how it works. First you upload your picture to a folder (which is your personal image folder). [Once the picture is in the folder, you can reuse it as many times as you like.] Then you insert the picture into your messages and other web pages.


1. Begin

First, Rename Your Photos. When the images are uploaded to our website, they will be listed by name. When you have a number of photos in the website folder will be easier for you to find the photos when the photos have a name that describes what the photo is about. For example, "Sofa-Outside-Arm.jpg" If you have a sequence of photos about the same thing, just add a two-digit number at the end. Rename your photos to describe what the picture is about. For example: "Sewing-Dble-Welt-01.jpg"  "Sewing-Dble-Welt-02.jpg", etc.  The names should contain NO SPACES, use a hyphen between words in the name. I generally captalize each word with a hyphen "-" between each word in the name to make it easier to read. Give the photos a name that will make sense as you look down the list of name to find the photo that you want.

When you are ready you will need to start a comment, forum topic, or article. This will bring up the Wysiwyg (What You See IWhat You Get) editing window.

After starting your message:

After you have typed some of your text into the Wysiwyg editor, choose where you want the image to be in your message by clicking in that location. (For instance, if you want your message on the left side of the screen, below a paragraph, click on the left side at the location you want to picture.) After you have clicked, you should see a blinking cursor line at the location you clicked. If you don't see it, try again in another location nearer the text.

To upload your picture(s), start by clicking on the image icon at the top of the WYSIWYG editor window.

This will bring up an "Image Properties" message box.

 (click on the picture to enlarge.)

Click on the Browse Server (C) button. (as shown in above picture.)

This will bring up the "File Browser". In the photo, the M shows your image folder. The number (30 in the picture) will be your image folder number.

Click on the Upload (L) link (see above picture). This will bring up a "File Upload" box. Click on the Browse button to search for the image/picture you want to upload from your computer. 

Once you find the image, double-click on the image and the image's name will appear in the "File name" text box. Click on "Open". 

This will take you back to the "File Upload" box, click on the "Upload" button at the bottom. If the File Upload box doesn't close on it's own, close it by clicking on the X at the upper right corner.

You are now back at the File Browser window. Click on your image file name in the upper left pane. The picture will then show in the bottom of the window.


Click on your picture at the bottom.

The File Browser window will close and are now back at the Image Properties window

Here you will need to fill in some text. First make sure that the lock (D) is closed , not open .. If it is open, then click on the lock and it will close.

Now, depending whether you picture is wider or taller, fill in the width (E) or height (F) or about 340 and press Tab. The other height or width will automatically be fill in. You have made your image small enough to use in your message or article. You'll link it to the full sized image below.

Skip G (It puts a black border around your image)

Fill it HSpace (H) and VSpace (I) both with "10" (This gives some space between the text and your image.

Set Alignment (J) to Left or Right, depending on which side you want your picture.

Now, you need to link your small image to the full-sized image. Click on Link (B). Click on the "Browser Server" button again. Click on your image file name again, and then again click on the picture at the bottom. Click on  OK. Now you are back at the Image Properties window, still at the Link tab. Change the "Target" to say "New Window (_blank)". Now click on the OK button at the bottom.

Congradulations, you have put a picture in your post. If you ever need to use that picture again, it will be in the File Browser for you to use again.


If the picture isn't where you want you can drag in around in the wysiwyg window. (Sometimes when a picture is moved, it won't show up at the new location. If this happens, simply delete the picture and insert the picture again. Since you already uploaded the picture to the website, you only have to follow steps 2-3 and 9-12

When you are finished with your message, to get your pictue to show, you need to choose the Input Format. Under the left side of the wysiwyg editing window, click on "Input format". Choose "full HTML". (If you don't don't do this, your picture won't show after you have submitted it.)

Note - Important - Read this!: Sometimes during saving a message, the Internet or the website may have disturbance, etc. In this case, your whole message may be forever lost. To prevent this, before submitting the message, first save it to your computer, like this: Click anywhere in your message or article. Type Ctrl+A (hold the Ctrl key while typing the letter "a"), which will highlight your whole message. Then type Ctrl+C, which will copy your whole message into your computer's memory. Then, if your message gets lost, just start a new message, click in the message area, and then type Ctrl+v (which will paste your previously written message into this new message.

To Save your message, scroll down to the bottom of your web browser window and click the "submit" button. (you can also do a preview before saving, but make sure you still "submit" it before leaving, otherwise you will loose everything that you have written.)

---------------- rewritten to here, the rest below here needs fixing, it is probably not useful to you. -----------------------------------


which will then have the file name loaded in the box just to the left of the Browse button. (See bottom of picture in Number 5 above.) Now, at the bottom of the "Image/File Browser" window, make sure that there is a check mark in the "Scale if necessary" checkbox (It should already be checked)

Click on the "Upload File" button. (There is no need to resize you files before uploading, since this will automatically resize your image file as you upload it.

Your image will now be in an online folder, which you will now be viewing within the "Image/File Browser". At the top of the browser is the listing of image files you have in your folder. (If this is the first time you have uploaded a picture, there will only be the one file listed.) Click on the file you want to use (In this case, the file should already be chosen; it is highlighted.) The picture that you have chosen should show in the bottom pane.

To use the image, click (or double click) on the image in the bottom window. This will take you back to the "Insert/edit image" message box. Here you can choose if you want your picture to be on the left, right, middle, etc. in your message. Click on the "Alignment" (which will say "not set") and chose "left" (or one of the other choices.)

In the picture below it shows where you can resize your picture for your message. The dimensions in the picture read 430 X 500. Unless you have a lot of detail that you need a larger picture to show, for most pictures you will want to keep the picture sizes to 400 or less. (You only need to put one of the dimension measurements in.) When you post your message, the other dimension will be automatically calculated and filled in based upon the first dimension that you entered.

If you want to put a while space (recommended) between your text and the pictures, put "10" in both the "Verticle space" and the "Horizontal space" text boxes.

Now you are ready to insert the image into your message. Click on "Insert" (at the bottom of the "Insert/edit image" box) and the "Insert/edit image" box will close, leaving you back at your wysiwy message window.


If you want to use the same picture again in a different message, the picture will already be uploaded and you won't have to upload it again. Just do steps 1-2 & 9-11 (skip steps 3-8).