Ways and Reasons to Avoid Freebies

Being in any type of business, you may occassionally get "suggestions" from friends and aquaintances to do free work. When these requests come, it is helpful to think it out in advance and have a ready response waiting. Here are some suggestions.

Ways To Avoid Freebies

  1. Be thick-headed. Always assume that they are requesting to be one of your clients. Just step into your "professional" mindset. Realize that they also make a living at their job/occupation and you are also entitled to get paid for your services. Ask them, "When do you want me give you an estimate?"
  2. When a friend or associate wants something done as a favor, realize that you don't have to take on their request.
  3. If you don't want to do it even as a client, you might tell them, "This will be expensive. Maybe you should buy a new one."
  4. ...... more to follow .....

Reasons To Avoid Freebies

  1. You have a family to support.
  2. You have bills to pay.
  3. The time you spend during work time working on freebies costs you wages and interfers with paying work.
  4. The time you spend after hours working on freebies interfers with your personal life and takes away from your time with family and friends.
  5. .... more to follow ....


With all of this said, also realize that you can choose to work for free when you are so inclined.

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