What Type of Decking Fabric

The Question was asked, "What type of decking does each upholsterers use?

My Response:
I generally keep a roll of regular decking fabric on hand. Right now the roll is kind of a goldish beige. I've also had rolls of beige, and also had dark blue, which I'd only use on certain colors.
I've also used a variety of different fabrics. I like self-decks, if I have enough fabric for the job. Often I have used the regular decking fabric. Also, at times I have went down to the local fabric store when they have had sales, and buy whatever is heavy and cheap in earth colors. Sometimes I'd buy a inexpensive fabric that would go with the fabric I'm working with. I'd especially go to a fabric store if there is not enough fabric for a self deck, and I don't like how the decking fabric I have goes with the fabric I'm working on.

I guess part of my motivation for not using self-decks to often is wanting to save as much of the covering fabric as possible in case I make a mistake and have to recut something. Also, whenever I do self deck, I often use stretcher cloths around the sides and back of the self-deck, which causes extra work. I hate to waste fabric, and using self-deck without the stretcher cloths seems like wasting the fabric, but it is extra work. (so I contradict myself here, oh well  )

But, as I'm writing this out, I'm rethinking this. I really like the looks of self-deck. Something to think about doing more often.

Best Wishes,