Replacing broken seat Springs in a LazyBoy Recliner

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It is very difficult even for a professional to try to fix the zigzag springs from the bottom of the recliner or the bottom of the seat. To best repair seat springs, this is how I would do it.

A.) Remove the backrest from the chair, To fix your seat you first must remove the backrest, as shown here (you won't be able to remove the seat without taking the back off first.):

Taking The Back Off of a Lazyboy Recliner 

B.) Then take the seat out of the recliner, as told here (the page that you already looked at it):

Taking Apart A Lazyboy Recliner 

C.) Then take the cover off the seat and all the padding off  the seat. Then it will be comparatively easy to replace the springs from the top (Assuming that you have access to some new 9 gauge zigzag springs (also called arc springs). If you don't have a supplier, see below:

(Take pictures at each step so you can remember how it goes back together.)  

After the seat is out of the recliner then you  take the screws out of the hinges..

When you have the seat out of the recliner and loose from the hinges, then take and all the padding off the seat. when you replace the seat spring you

If you don't have a local supplier for the 9 gauge zigzag springs, here are a couple places that you could get the springs. (You can also get them other places as well)

  • Oklahoma Upholstery Supply, Stock No.  60436, 24" S-Arc Springs, 9 gauge, find them here.
  •  Great Lakes Fabrics, Seat Spring = 9 gauge, Part Number #675 (they sell it by the foot. Measure your old springs and ask if they will cut it to your exact length.) To find the springs on their web page, click here, and then (if needed) click on the "S" near the top, scroll down about 3/4 the way down the page to find the springs.
  • Rockford Supply
  • You will also need some EK clips (No Sag Spring Clips), such as these that attach the springs to the wood frame, and some EK nails, such as these.  You might first check to see if your town has a upholstery fabric store that also sells do-it-yourself supplies.

Once you receive the springs you may still have to cut them to size with a pair of bolt-cutters. The seat springs in a typical Lazboy recliner are approximately 19" long, but check the actual size of the springs in your laZboy.