Down & Feather Cushions

Down is often seen as the ultimate in luxurious living.

Recommended Uses

Down is often seen as the ultimate in luxury. Who  hasn't heard of grandma's down comforter?

In it's recommend uses, there are few things that can compete with the warming abilities of genuine down.

  • Sleeping bags
  • Coats
  • Comforters
  • Bed Pillows
  • Throw Pillows

Down is very light and fluffy, it is idea in keeping one warm. It does very well when it is on TOP of a person.

Not Recommended for Seating

However, using down or feathers in a seat cushion (by itself) is not recommended. Because if it's light and fluffy nature it does not support a person very well. When even a lightweight person sits on a down cushion he or she tends to sit right through the padding of the cushion. If the down in the cushion is packed together tightly to support a person, then there is no springiness or cushiness to the cushion. It looks and feels like a big blob.

Knowing this, if you or your client  still want to use down in the seat cushion(s) of your furniture then we recommend that you buy or construct a pillow ticking cover with inner baffles.


The ticking cover has an inner enclosure for the foam core and outer baffles to hold the down/feathers. The baffles hold the down in place when a person sits on the cushion. The foam provides some substance to hold a person up while the down in the baffles provide some feeling of softness.


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