Professional Conduct


Put the Client's needs first.

While you are obviously in business to support yourself, when you are working, remember this. The business is not about you. It is about the clients. You are in business to serve the client's needs. This is one of your top priorities. The reason that the client contacted you is that they have a need that they want you to fill. If you forget this primary focus, then the clients can go somewhere else to have their needs met. Then you are out of business.

Know The Upholstery Trade

  1. Know your craft.
  2. Know the fabrics
  3. Know the supplies used
  4. Know the foam types and qualities

Organize Your Shop

  1. Organize the customer area
  2. Organize the fabrics
  3. Organize your tools
  4. Keep your work area clean with tools put away.


Maintenance is what keeps everything going