Tear-Down Methods

Upholstery Tear-Down Methods & Tools

What Different ways can you tear down a sofa or chair? What tools should you use and what is the best ways to use those tools? This page is just beginning. We will add more to it in the future. 

I use a variety of methods to strip the old fabric off the furniture. Sometimes I use the air powered tools. At other times I use the hand tools. I usually use a variety of methods on every job. Not any one method will work efficiently with every situation. It is important to learn a variety of methods so that you can use the method(s) that work for each jog.

Air Chisels

Ripping Chisel in useOne of the most useful methods of stripping down furniture I have found involves using the air  powered ripping chisel. To learn more about it, go to Using an Air Ripping Chisel.







Ripping Chisels

Staple Removers