Craftsman Craig

Craftsman Craig is a rare find, but those who do find him remain immensely loyal. He truly loves people and sees each of his clients as unique human beings, each having their own individual set of needs, desires, and wishes. He treats each customer as he would like to be treated, with great dignity and respect, dealing honestly and truthfully with them. He carefully listens to what they say, and he writes out complete and detailed estimates or work orders, (which he follows meticulously when he does the work.) He clearly explains each charge to the clients, and openly answers any questions that they may have. He never says how honest he is, but he is very careful to live it out.

Having had many years of successful experience he is very confident in his abilities. Since he realizes that he isn’t perfect, he is continually striving to improve the quality of his work. Taking the extra time to do the careful planning, watching for mistakes as he works, and his meticulous attention to details are key to doing his very high level of craftsmanship. He doesn’t give any thought to whether he’s the best; he just tries to do his best. He has the highest level of quality and is perhaps the highest priced of all the upholsterers; those who value their furniture and truly appreciate quality craftsmanship are more than willing to pay it. “You get what you pay for.”