Scalloped Cornice With Ruffled Bands

Making a Scalloped Ruffled Cornice
Here is are some pictures of a cornice that I recently finished. The first picture is the drawing the decorator gave me, and the last picture is the finished cornice. The decorator supplied me with a paper pattern, shown in the slide show (see below link):

    On this cornice I also took some pictures of how I made it. The pictures are kind of hit and miss, with some gaps in the process. But the main thing I show with the pictures is how I made the curve and how I staple on the curved runners at the bottom front.
     After making using the decorator's pattern to cut the front cornice board, I then used the bottom of the same pattern to make the scalloped runners. After tracing the pattern onto the cornice facing board, I stapled cardboard strips about 1/8" above the lines. As I put the polyester and the cover on the front, I could feel the edge of the cardboard strip and it served as a guide  of where to staple the face fabric on, and where to put the top of each runner. This is shown in the slide show.
   Click here to see Scalloped Ruffled Cornice Slide Show.