Business Signs

Signs are a very important part of your advertising. However, you need to make sure that your desired sign is legal.

The Type Style.

The basic rule for making signs: make it EASILY readible. This rule comes first.

Some business owners like to have fancy typestyles. Be careful of this. Go back to the first rule "Easily Readible."

A Business Sign at Your Home?

If you are working out of your home, then you may not be legally allowed to put up a business sign of any type. In this case, it is very helpful if your business name starts with your last name. For example, our last name is Winters. Our business name is Winters Sewing. Since our shop is in our garage in a residential neighborhood, we are not allowed to have a business sign. However, you generally can put up a sign with your name on it. Go to the city and find out what the largest size sign you are allowed to display. Then put your name on a the largest sized sign your are allowed and display it somewhere out front where potential clients may readily see it.

Signs on your Vehicle