Upholstery Trims

(first rough draft)
When you are reupholstering furniture with a trim between the fabric and the wood, What type of trim should you use. This article will give the pros and cons of each type of trim.

Gimp Trim

When I worked with my dad years ago we stocked many colors of gimp. In that case, it was always there ready to go.

Nowadays, for me, a 36 yard card of gimp cost $15 wholesale, plus shipping. I'm not sure how many colors of gimp are available nowadays, but I have an old gimp chart that has 99 colors. Even it there were only half that many colors nowadays, that still $15 X 50 colors = $750. I'm not going to spend that much just to stock gimp. My other choice is to either order in a roll of gimp each time I need 2 yards of gimp, or go take my time to run across town to a fabric store to get a couple yards of gimp. If a client wants gimp, I send them to the fabric store to buy it.

Double Welt

One reason I also like double welt is that it always matches.

Then, most of the people I give double welt as an option, choose double welt. So, while I still use gimp occasionally, most of the time I use double welt. Besides the customer liking it, it is a lot simpler for me to make up the double welt that it is to run across town, not finding a good match, or having order it in. Making a few feet or a few yards of double welt is easier and less expensive than the options.