Matching Floral Print At The Seam With Pins

Matching Floral Patterns

Author's Note: this is a time consuming way to match patterns. I have since learned an easier better way. Hope to write about that in the future.

I read about this method in a sewing book once. Have been using this method ever since.
The following instructions go with the slide show, basically, you:

This picture shows two fabric pieces which have been placed sided by side. The pattern on the two pieces overlap by a few inches. Note, on picture (which you can see better on IMG 1616 of the slide show) I've placed two vertical lines (near the center of the picture) on the fabric only to show where the pattern lines up, DON'T draw a line there on your fabric.







Fold one end under by about 2" and iron a crease along the edge.




- This step is Optional - Sometimes the crease at the fold doesn't show up very well. If this is the case: Using a pencil, marker, etc. draw a line at the center of the underside creased (careful that you don't use something that will show or bleed through the fabric). This line will help you when you are sewing the fabrics together.







Here's where you match the patterns: Carefully and precisely align the folded fabric over the top of the other fabric







Space pins close to the edge of the fold every inch or two. Here you are pinning the matched patterns in place. Lean the pin sideways to get the tops as low as possible .

Take the edge of the top fabric and lay the whole fabric on top of the other, exposing the underside of where it is pinned.

Pin the fabric edges together about 1/2" from the fold. Put the pins close together, almost like making a seam with the pins. You are staying just far enough from the creased fold to allow the space for the sewing machine foot.


When finished pinning, fold the top fabric back over, exposing the topside pins.

Remove those pins on the top side.

Take fabric to the sewing machine. Sew along the crease/mark. Careful to sew "EXACTLY" on the line.
Remove pins. (you can remove them as you sew)


When finished sewing, check the alignment of the fabric.

Trim the back side of the seam to have about 1/2" to 3/4" seam allowance.

Lay fabric face down on a padded table.

Pin each end of the seam, stretching it tight.

 Iron the seam allowances flat, each on it's own side.

Turn over and inspect. These two pictures show both a wider view and a close up view of the matched seam, which runs vertically through the middle of the blue flower



Another way, similar to the above, use Elmer's purple glue instead of the pins.
Sewing matching repeats