Zipper Slides

Putting a Slide on a ZipperZip-1 Align slide

 There are at least three ways to put the sliders on zippers. You can put the slide on the zipper before or after the zipper is sewn.

  • Method One: Put Slide on closed zipper
  • Method Two: Put slide on Partial open zipper
  • Method Three: Put slide on fully separated zipper

Any of these three methods can be done before or after the zipper is sewn to the fabric.

Method One

This is the method that I generally use on metal zippers and some plastic zippers, such as the YKK plastic zipper.

Zip-1 Cut V



1A. Cut V on end: Chose the end that the arrows point towards. Cut a V shape on the end, at the metal teeth, cut carefully between the teeth.





  Zip-1 Align slide



1B. Align Slider with teeth on zipper. Put teeth of zipper inside the rear of the slider until they stop.





  Zip-1 Starting the slide


1C. Engage Slide Onto Zipper: Hold onto the two pointed ends of the zipper and pull them both outwards <<<  >>> (sideways) until you hear/feel a "tiny" click (which indicates that the zipper has started to separate).





Zip-1 Slide up


 1D. Move Slide Onto Zipper: Continue to pull the two sides apart. If the zipper doesn't move down, then continue holding onto one of the pointed ends, and with the other hand move the slide down the zipper. (If need, to get the slide to move down the zipper, you might hold onto both pointed ends (as shown in 2E below) as you move the slide down.)





Method Two

Although method shows using a #5 aluminum zipper, this way is especially useful when the slide won't go on the other end of a plastic zipper.


Zipper, Cutting V

2A. Notch the end: Start by cutting a V out of the end of the zipper, as shown by the arrow in the picture. Since we will be putting the zipper into the front (double opening) side of the slide, cut the V at the end at the opposite end as the Red arrows are pointing.




 Zipper - open end


2B. Separate the ends of the zipper about 2 or 3 inches. (or, if you prefer, you may fully separate the zipper)





 Zipper - Align slide







2C. Align Slider with Zipper: Put the ends of the zipper teeth into the front (double opening) end of the zipper slide until the teeth come together and stop at the back of the slide.



 Zipper - slide on







2D. Pull Slide on Zipper: Grab hold of the two pointed ends of the zipper tape while you pull the zipper slide up the zipper. Sometimes you may have to wiggle the slide some, but it should go on without much  trouble.



 Zipper - Sliding up


2E. Sliding Up: Pull the slider up the zipper. As you move the slider, the zipper usually unzips in front of the slider. You may slide it all the way to the other end, or stop at any position. If needed or desired, you may pull the rest of the zipper, in front of the slider, apart.





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thank you for your pictures and information on how to get the zipper sliders on.
Kind regards Mad Max