Making Purchases on Credit

This section deals with how you set up Quickbooks and handle making the payments in Quickbooks.

Entering a Supplier Bill from an invoice

This assumes that:

  • you have an account set up with a supplier that allows you to pay the bill at a later day (normally 30 days or net 10).
  • When you originally ordered the supplies that you entered the items using a Purchase Order In Quickbooks
  • As you enter this bill you are receiving  the items against that previously entered Purchase Order.

Received a Bill in the Mail

When you receive a bill in the mail.
Go to Quickbooks.

Open a Bill

  1. Open the Bills window (i.e.Click on the Bill icon on the toolbar)
  2. Choose a Vendor name.
  3. If a purchase order exists, an "Open POs Exists" box pops up. "Open Purchase orders exist for this vendor. do you want to receive against one or more of these orders. Click Yes.

Open the Purchase Order Window

  1. Then a small "Open Purchase Orders" window pops up. It says: "Select a Purchase Order to receive." Look at the date and also at the memor to identify which purchase order to choose. Click on your choice, then click OK.
  2. A Warning box might appear, just click OK
  3. A Bill will have appeared already filled in with the information from the Purchase Order. STOP, don't touch the bill yet. DO NOT correct the Quantities or amounts on the Bill Window. Do that on the Purchase Order, as described below:
  4. At the bottom click on "Show PO"
  5. A Purchase Order will appear. Compare AND correct the prices and quanties against the paper Purchase order that you received from the supplier.
  6. After you have corrected all the quantities and the prices on the purchase order, click "Save and Close" (lower right).

Return to the Bill window

  1. This will take you back to the Bill. Take a moment to look and see that the amounts and the quantities on the Bill have automatically be changed at the same time you corrected them on the Purchase Order. Check that they are all correct.
  2. On the Bill Window, enter the Date of the invoice as the date on the paper invoice from  the supplier. Also, enter the Bill Due date.
  3. Enter the Invoice number of the paper invoice as the Ref. Number
  4. When you are finished, click on Save.