The Costs of An Upholstery Job


There are a lot of costs that go into every job before the upholsterer even starts working on a job. It costs money to run a business and to be there for when clients bring their jobs to us. A client might think that a small job ought to cost only $5 or $10, (After all, it only took you 5 minutes...) Would a patient have the gall to tell a doctor "your should only charge me $5 because you only spent 5 minutes with me?"

Before a client even gets to your shop, here are some of the costs that are part of every job.

  • Advertising expenses: newspaper, telephone directories, websites, etc.
  • Time spent talking to clients on the phone.
  • Time spent talking to client about his job.
  • Time spent talking to other clients who don't have their work done.
  • Rental on shop space
  • Cleaning the shop
  • Time spent organizing fabric samples so they are ready for the client to look at.
  • Utilities
    • cost of having a phone
    • electricity
    • water
  • Bookkeeping, time making out Work Orders, entering into bookkeeping software
  • In between jobs. The cost of each job also has to pay for the time spent in between jobs. The cost of each job also pays for the time between job, such as when waiting for a client to come in.

When you are in the middle of a job and stop the job, move stuff out of the way,  to quickly do a small job for a client, it breaks your train of thought on the job that you were previously working on. It often takes a few moments to get your mind back on what you were doing.