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 This page is not useful to most members. This page is mainly for use by the administrators of this website. It also contains old information.

 This Website uses Drupal

This page is being created to help store information useful in the construction of this website.

Using Pictures in Drupal

Image Assist

Installing & Using Gallery2 in Drupal

Examples of Gallery2 in Drupal

How to customize Front Page

Backing up the MySQL database:

Creating and Maintaining a Test Site

Using Anchors

  • ON the Anchor (going to) page, use the wysiwyg editor to create and name the anchor i.e. "youranchorname".
    • Make sure "Full HTML" is chosen.
    • Click on "submit"
    • The anchored text should turn bold
    • Copy the URL in the address line
  • ON the Link (transfer from) page, Using the WYSIWYG editor,
    • Choose (highlight) your link text, and create the link from the toolbar.
    • paste the address you copied from the anchor page, i.e. www.mywebsite.com/note/45, into the create link box.
    • Now add "#youranchorname" to the end of the address, i.e. "www.mywebsite.com/note/45#youranchorname"
    • click "insert" on the link box.
    • click "submit" on the bottom of the page.
    • Now, test it out.

Role Permissions

Organic Groups


  • Flexinode was created to let non-programmers design their own nodes.

Using Sections

Security Issues

Wysiwyg Editors

Preconfigured Drupal Educational site

Misc Drupal Websites

Applying Patches

Drupal Add-ons

  • Supported by Drupal.Org
  • Not Supported by Drupal.org

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