Plaid Matching

This 10 minute video is a rough draft of part 1 of a Plaid Matching video. (The full length video will be perhaps an hour or two long.) You may watch this short video in Full Screen mode by clicking on the Full Screen button (with the 4 arrows) at the bottom right of the video.

Plaid Match, Starting Point

Here is a clarification of the starting point in plaid match. (This is some addition points that weren't made clear in the video.

For a Full Plaid match, the center of the cushion boxing has to be the starting point. It is important that the cushion be reversible and that the pattern be centered in the middle of the boxing, both horizontally and vertically. However, the problem, is it is important that that the seat base is finished and solid before the arms are matched to the cushion. However, since the deck can't be aligned until the pattern placement of the arms have been determined. Consequently it would be best to rebuild the deck (including springs, padding, etc.) first. Then cover the deck with a lining so that all the padding is held down in place. Then you can cut, sew, & stuff the cushion and position it on the covered deck. With the cushion in place, you can then