Creating a Cutting Layout in LibreOffice

Before starting this tutorial, please read the pages on Computerized Cutting Layouts, and follow the instructions given on "Setting Up LibreOffice To Make Cutting Layouts."  Here is an example of a cutting layout using this method. (Click on the picture to enlarge)

You should also measure the cuts on your furniture and have that list of the ID's (i.e.  IB, IA, OA, etc.) and measurements in front of you before you start. You will be using that information to make the following cutting layout. (or use a sample list to practice with)

Getting Started

After opening LibreOffice Draw, start a new document by using File>New>Templates and Documents>Templates. Choose the template that we previously created "Horiz Cutting Layout Blank"

Resize the page: Format>Page>Width

Start by resizing the page (if needed) for the amount of fabric you will be using. Remember you need a width of 9" for every 5 yards that you will use, plus margins. Then add a little extra.

Resize the fabric rectangle: 

  1. View>Master
  2. Click on the edge of the fabric rectangle and press the f4 key.
  3. In the "Position and Size" box change the width to the number of yards needed, in inches (multiply your yards X 36).
  4. Click OK
  5. Check to make sure that the fabric rectangle is center inside both side margins.
  6. Close Master View


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